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There is more to deep sea fishing than just casting a rod. Here are a few of the various methods Port Canaveral, Florida saltwater fishermen use to reel in the big catch.

Bottom Fishing

Using weights to take bait straight to the bottom, this type of fishing targets ground fish. Bottom fishing is a great way to capture Grouper, Snapper, Trigger fish, and other reef fish.

Sight Fishing

A challenge for the land lover and the experienced fisherman alike, sight fishing means attempting to catch the fish as you see them! The boat is used to chase fish near the surface. Once fish are spotted, the angler casts a lure designed to attract a big catch. Anglers get the joy of watching predator fish as they attack the bait near the surface of the water. Many fishermen use this method to reel in Cobia, Tarpon, Triple Tail, and Jacks.


Just as an internet troll baits critics into arguments on Twitter, this type of fishing uses attractive lures to attract predatory fish. Baited lures are dragged through the water with the hope of catching the eye of hungry predators. Experienced anglers deploy this method when there are signs that predators may be present. Changes in water color, current rip, or the presence of large groups of birds signals that predators may be lurking near the surface. Trolling is an excellent way to catch Wahoo, Mahi, Kingfish, and Tuna.

Kite Fishing

Primarily used in Florida along the Atlantic Coast and in the Caribbean, kite fishing combines flying a kite with snaring a fish. Fishermen send a kite sailing over the surface of the water a slight distance from the boat. The kite is attached to a baited or lured drop line. When the kite dips, it signals anglers that a fish has taken the bait. This method allows anglers the opportunity to cast more lines, creates a natural bait presentation, and covers larger spans of ocean. Fishermen in south Florida use this method to catch Sailfish, Wahoo, Kingfish, and Tuna.

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