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If you are going someplace new for a fishing trip, you want to make sure you get the most out of your experience. A private fishing charter can be personalized to create the exact type of fishing experience that you want. At Anglers Envy in Port Canaveral, FL, we’ve seen the difference between a charter fishing trip and one that is booked as part of a larger trip. Here are some reasons to choose the charter over other ways to fish.

More Space

Fishing charter boats have a limited capacity. Tours that sign people up on an individual and group basis will fit as many people as they can on their boats. It can make your trip feel cramped as you struggle with casting your line and not having the space to do so correctly. When you book your personal charter, you get to choose how many people come with you.

More Fish

Every person fishing from the offshore fishing boats that run tours is your competition. More lines in the water mean that you are less likely to catch a fish simply because the fish that are available may choose another line. As a fisher, you know that you could cast a line and not catch any fish. Why make it more difficult and add competition with people you don’t know to the list? Get a private charter and have less competition!

More Time

team fishing iiPrivate charter boats tend to be smaller and can move faster through the water. The sooner you get to the fishing spot, the more time you get to have your line in the water. You will also have more time to be with your friends without having to talk over, around, or through other people that you don’t know. You don’t have any noise pollution from people who may not be interested in fishing or from first-timers, who have no idea what they are doing.

If you happen to be a first-time fisher, private fishing charters in Port Canaveral will offer you the ability to learn from the professionals on board. You won’t have to worry about an instructor splitting his or her time between 70 people. You’ll get a personalized experience with a lot of time to learn the proper techniques of ocean fishing. With a private charter, you’re in charge. You bring who you want, you set the time, and you choose the experience. Which means that you get more for your money, and that includes more happiness during the fishing trip.