Deep Sea Fishing Charters for All Types of Anglers

Whether you’re a first time angler or an experienced fisherman, Anglers Envy charter fishing in Port Canaveral tailors its sport fishing outings to the clients. We can recommend different fishing and baiting methods to assist anglers in hauling in that perfect fish!


A few of our suggestions include:

  • Live Baiting
    Using live bait to increase the chances of reeling in a catch.
  • Fly Fishing or Light Tackle
    This enjoyable way of catching fish makes the angler part of the action. It’s a challenging, but thrilling, way to make a catch! If you haven’t landed a monster Cobia or Mahi on the fly yet, it’s an experience that you’re sure to retell for years.
  • Nearshore
    This shallow water fishing is perfect for reeling in Trout, Redfish, Flounder, and Pompano. This type of fishing is done in waters less than 30 meters, or about 100-feet, deep. Inshore fishing is usually a relaxing experience.

Various Fishing Methods Used for Port Canaveral Saltwater Fishing

We’re also happy to provide or recommend other types of fishing methods including:

  • Bottom Fishing
    This method of fishing targets ground fish, and the method involves weighting the rigs to take bait to the bottom of the water. It works best for catching Grouper, Snapper, Triggerfish, Amberjacks, and other reef fish.
  • Sight Fishing
    This fun and rewarding fishing method requires actually seeing the fish you’re attempting to catch. The boat is used to pursue fish activity on the surface of the ocean. Once fish are sighted, the angler casts bait to lure the fish in. This is an exciting experience, as anglers see the predator fish attack the bait. This method is best used to catch Cobia, Tarpon, Triple Tail, and Jacks.
  • Trolling
    In this type of fishing, baited lures are dragged through the water with the goal of attracting fish. This method is often deployed when there are hints that predator fish could be in the area. Changes in water color, current rip, weed line, or the presence of lots of birds means that there may be predator fish near the surface. It is highly effective for catching Wahoo, Mahi, Kingfish, Sailfish, and Tuna.
  • Kite Fishing
    An exciting way to watch a fish come up and attack your live bait on the surface. Kite fishing is an excellent method to catch sailfish and other top feeding predators.

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Whether you’re interested in fishing a new area or dropping a line near your own backyard, we charter fishing experiences throughout Central Florida. Port Canaveral is our port of call and the locations below are only a short drive away!

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Custom trips and excursions are available on request.

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