1614324_Anglers Envy_How to Prepare for Deep Sea Fishing

Whether you’re an experienced angler or just an avid fan of watching deep sea fishing on television, your first deep sea fishing excursion will likely be a day to remember. Most people are surprised at how relaxing and refreshing a day at sea can be. However, it’s still smart to know what to expect and what to bring for your half day, three-quarters day, or full day on the water.

Don’t be nervous! When you book a fishing charter through Anglers Envy in Port Canaveral, Florida, you’ll have an experienced captain and a captain’s mate to help you find and reel in the big one. Your equipment will also be provided. Still, there are a few things you can do to enhance your experience.

Go easy on food and drink the night before your fishing excursion. Heavy, spicy food and a hangover can make a day on the water a challenge, so plan accordingly. Most experts also recommend eating only a light breakfast before arriving, especially for land lovers who aren’t regularly on the sea.

Finally, dress for a day in the elements. You’ll be on a beautiful boat with access to shelter and a bathroom. However, the bright sun and salty sea can wreak havoc if you’re not prepared. Experienced anglers recommend bringing sunscreen, lip balm with sunscreen, a hat, and polarized sunglasses. Consider also slipping a waterproof jacket in your bag. You may also want to bring a waterproof bag, seasickness pharmaceuticals, and a hand towel. And don’t forget your camera! You’ll want to document every cast, reel, and big catch!

From the moment you step aboard the Anglers Envy 1992 Stuart Angler, you’ll be greeted by a helpful captain and mate and met with comfort and cleanliness. You’ll find plenty of shade on board as well as an indoor toilet, a kitchenette and beds. Cold drinks will be provided, but you may want to bring your own food and special drinks; we’ll provide the storage! If the trip is your first time fishing on the deep sea, prepare for an adventure with a dash of adrenaline. We can promise it will be exciting and new, and yes, we’re expecting you!