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Deep sea fishing charters in Port Canaveral offer the perfect way to unplug from the worries of this hectic world, leave your phones behind, and explore the beautiful open waters off Florida’s Space Coast. We think the best times spent with good friends should include the wind in your hair and the taste of salt on your lips.

Whether you’re planning your first trip, or one of many, we’ve put together our best tips and techniques for a fine day at sea.

Know the Signs

It’s best to banish the common idea that you’ll catch your live bait over the reef and then head out to deep water for the large fish. That’s nonsense! As a point of fact, the two go together. Where the small bait fish are, that’s where you’re most likely to find the big ones.

Two signs that you’re in the right vicinity:

  • Seagulls feeding on bait fish.
  • Floating debris and wood in the water.

Large game fish love to hang out close to both. And, if you spot a group of dolphins, the beautiful yellowfin tuna are likely close by.

Know the Hiding Places

When going after snook, know where they like to hide. They tend to move around with the seasons. But, like bass, they’ll generally linger around posts and stick close to rocks and ledges. Remember that snook are aggressive fishermen in their own right. Plant your live bait around their favorite hunting grounds, like docks and mangroves.

Know the Reefs

The many natural and artificial reefs off the Florida coast are prime territory for big game fish. These waters are rich in plankton and create a perfect feeding ground. Deep reefs are ideal, and you don’t need to fish directly over a reef. Game fish will spread out to feed over a large area with the reef at the center, so you’ll often find them hundreds of yards away.

Know Your Bait

big game fishing reels and rodsHere’s a bait tip for you. The full moon is the time that crabs shed their shells, and stripers will be on the lookout for soft crabs. This is the time to use soft crab imitation for bait.

Know Your Hooks

A circle hook will give you a higher hookup ratio. As a rule of thumb, match the size of the circle hook to your bait fish.

Avoid Sea Sickness

If sea sickness hits, it’s best to stay up on deck. Keep your eyes on the horizon and stay as far away from the engine as possible to avoid breathing in boat fumes.

Every part of Florida’s coast has something unique to offer the deep-sea fishing enthusiast, and nothing quite matches the thrill of hooking a big one! Bring your friends, and be careful – the excitement and adventure of a good day out on the water can be addictive!