Deep sea fishing

Vacation fishing packages in Port Canaveral and throughout the American south are a great way to get in a little seafaring adventure while letting someone else take responsibility for the details. Here’s a checklist to help you single out and determine the fishing charter that’s best for you.

Location, Location, Location

If you already know your general vacation destination, but are just looking for a great way to spend a day while you’re there, that will help you narrow down your search. However, if the location is still open-ended, you might make a cross comparison between locations for great fishing charters, and locations where you can catch any specific deep-sea fish you’re trying to get your hands on. Consulting directly with the fishing charters you’re considering can help you clarify this as well.


Sure, it’ll be tempting to look strictly at the price to try to be as thrifty as possible. You should challenge yourself to consider your options in terms of both the cost and what added perks or benefits you’ll be getting. Is one charter a little higher in price, but takes you out to sea with professional competitive fishermen? Or do you choose the cheaper option with enthusiastic local fishers with little to no reputation? It’s up to you, but you should pay attention to the perks in the fine print.

Accommodate Your Crew

Fishing boatKnow the needs and interests of everyone joining you for the day at sea. Are you bringing kids? Check if there’s an age limit for the charters you’re considering beforehand. Perhaps they accommodate younger fishers through different fishing equipment and lessons on how to go about the experience safely. Or you may have someone in the family who is less enthusiastic as you are about the fishing part of the excursion, and who might prefer to sit on the deck with a summer read while you engage with the water and the crew. Does the size and make of the boat accommodate that type of experience? Overall, just keep your fellow fishers in mind, or consider leaving the less enthusiastic among you on shore for the day.

If you’re interested in having the perfect day out to sea, use these tips to find the best fishing vacation packages in Port Canaveral and beyond. In general, consult with the fishing charter of your choice, as they’re going to be your best resource before you set sail.