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Deep Sea Fishing Techniques

Deep sea fishing charters in Port Canaveral offer the perfect way to unplug from the worries of this hectic world, leave your phones behind, and explore the beautiful open waters off Florida’s Space Coast. We think the best times spent with good friends should include the wind in your hair and the taste of salt on […]

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3 Tips for a Smooth Deep-Sea Fishing Trip

If you are planning a trip to go deep-sea fishing, there are some things you should know and do while on the boat. Always wearing sunscreen and staying hydrated are safety rules that you should follow all the time. However, there are some things that you need to do when you are on the water. […]

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What to Bring on a Deep Sea Fishing Trip

If you have decided that you want to go deep sea fishing, there are some things that you should bring with you. The first thing that you want to do before you head out to the dock is make sure that you have the appropriate fishing license. Without the license, there is no reason to […]

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Why Charter Boats Are Best for Deep Sea Fishing

A deep sea fishing expedition can be a great way to spend a day out on the ocean, and there are a few options for how you can get yourself out on the water. But, by and large, the best option available to you is a charter boat. What makes offshore fishing charters in Port […]

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How to Prepare for Your Fishing Trip

Fishing is a great way to spend some time in nature by yourself or with a few friends. It’s a pastime that many people enjoy. But, if you’re new to the hobby of fishing, then you might be wondering what you can do to prepare for your big trip. Here are a few tips to […]


Get Your Hands on Some Mahi

If you love saltwater fishing in Port Canaveral, our offshore Dolphinfish expeditions are for you. Mahi is one of the most sought-after migratory fish in Florida for good reason. Their fight, taste and looks (in no particular order), make them stand out from other breeds. While they’re typically referred to as “dolphinfish,” there’s nothing “dolphin” […]

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Planning A Fun Day on A Deep-Sea Fishing Charter

Family vacations or workforce getaways can take the best kind of turn whenever you choose to set out for a day on a deep-sea fishing charter. Here’s how you can make sure that you’re prepared and ready for deep sea fishing charters in Port Canaveral. Know Your Type Deep sea fishing allows you the opportunity […]

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Checklist for Choosing the Right Fishing Vacation Packages

Vacation fishing packages in Port Canaveral and throughout the American south are a great way to get in a little seafaring adventure while letting someone else take responsibility for the details. Here’s a checklist to help you single out and determine the fishing charter that’s best for you. Location, Location, Location If you already know […]


Tips to Make Deep Sea Fishing Safe

Popular TV shows like Deadliest Catch and Shark Men do a pretty good job of making deep sea fishing look like a life or death experience. However, the reality of deep sea fishing is that it is likely you’ll be doing a whole lot of relaxing on the boat deck. Relaxing or not, deep sea […]

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How to Prepare for Deep Sea Fishing

Whether you’re an experienced angler or just an avid fan of watching deep sea fishing on television, your first deep sea fishing excursion will likely be a day to remember. Most people are surprised at how relaxing and refreshing a day at sea can be. However, it’s still smart to know what to expect and […]