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12 Fish You Can Catch While Deep Sea Fishing

The waters around Port Canaveral include many features that are attractive to game fish, including offshore wrecks, the Canaveral Bight shark fishing grounds, underwater reefs, rock ledges, and the Atlantic Gulf Stream. Be prepared for your weekend fishing trip by bringing the right gear and bait for the fish you’re likely to encounter.

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Reasons to Choose a Private Fishing Charter

If you are going someplace new for a fishing trip, you want to make sure you get the most out of your experience. A private fishing charter can be personalized to create the exact type of fishing experience that you want. At Anglers Envy in Port Canaveral, FL, we’ve seen the difference between a charter fishing […]

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Deep Sea Fishing Essentials

Going on a deep-sea fishing trip is an exciting adventure, and you need to be prepared to bring all of the essentials while being careful not to over pack and be the cause of delay among your peers. If you happen to search for a “charter fishing near me in Port Canaveral,” you’ll not only […]

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How to Plan a Deep-Sea Fishing Trip with Friends

Fishing is among one of the most popular pastimes for millions of people worldwide. It’s fun to be out in nature; it sharpens attention and focus, and the fact that you come home with a tasty dinner is always a bonus. Fishing comes in several forms, many times depending on your geographic location. You have […]

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Various Fishing Methods Used For Florida Saltwater Fishing

There is more to deep sea fishing than just casting a rod. Here are a few of the various methods Port Canaveral, Florida saltwater fishermen use to reel in the big catch. Bottom Fishing Using weights to take bait straight to the bottom, this type of fishing targets ground fish. Bottom fishing is a great […]